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Jailbreaks used to be released so regularly that we could install Cydia on just about every version of the iOS that was released. That has all changed now; in the last 18 months, jailbreaks have been few and far between; the only one is Yalu and that would only work on 64-bit iPhones which has left millions of users adrift with no way to install their tweaks and apps. Over the last few months, several app installers have been released to provide some of the Cydia content and the latest one is called IPA Library.

What is IPA Library ?

IPA Library is a kind of online store, a library that is packed with apps, games and other content that you won’t get anywhere else. This library provides the missing link between what we have now on the stock iOS and some of what Cydia used to offer and you don’t need to jailbreak to get it. IPA Library is a great source of modified apps and games, games emulators, and many other IPA files for iOS devices.

Features of IPA Library :

Among the features of IPA Library, you will get :

  • An app that is easy to install and use
  • A user-friendly interface so navigation is dead simple
  • No requirement to install Cydia first 
  • Loads of IPA files for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • Lots of Cydia tweaks, including the popular games emulators
  • Lots of paid app store apps for free
  • Plenty of tweaked apps, like Snapchat++, Instagram++ and Pokémon Go++ 
  • Updated regularly with new content
  • All the apps are updated with developer updates
  • Works on iOS 9 to iOS 11+
  • Lots more besides 

IPA Library, like other app installers, is a real godsend right now. It may not offer everything that Cydia does, but it does give us a decent choice of apps and games, many of which you could only get by installing Cydia previously. Now, anyone can install IPA Library and take advantage of having some extra stuff on their iOS devices.

With no positive news in sight as far as jailbreaks are concerned, there are now few people who can use Cydia and it seems that these app installers are going to be the way ahead. Apart from IPA Library, there are others that you can use including TutuApp, TweakBox, and AppValley. All of them offer a little bit of Cydia and all of them work without a jailbreak.

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