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Android is an open platform compared to iOS; its users can download more third-party apps because there isn’t so much security as iOS users have to deal with. However, they can’t do it all; they can’t install a jailbreak for a start and that means they miss out on so much that iOS users can do. They can’t have the paid and premium content for free and the cant download any of the popular ++ modified apps, like Snapchat++ and Spotify++. Except, now they can have some of that with IPA Library.

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What is IPA Library ?

It is an online library that contains all sorts of IPA files. Like the APK does for Android apps, the IPA is what installs the iOS apps onto the iPhone or iPad but many of them are unofficial and not signed by Apple. By using apps like IPA Library, we can get these apps onto our devices easily, bypassing Apple’s security and now Android users can enjoy the same, installing some of the best iOS modified apps ever released.

How to Download IPA Library on Android :

You can’t get the IPA Library from your official app store; to download it, you must first download the application package software [ APK ]so that the app will run on your Android device. You do need to follow the steps exactly as they are written, or we will not guarantee that IPA Library will be downloaded:

  1. Open Settings on your Android device and then go to Security 
  2. Tap the box next to Unknown Sources to enable the option and allow IPA Library to be installed 
  3. Shut down Settings and open up your computer
  4. Download the IPA Library APK on your computer
  5. Extract the APK and send it via email to yourself
  6. On your phone or tablet, open the email and download that attachment
  7. Find and tap on it on your device and wait for it to download
  8. When it has finished installing, you can open and use IPA Library 
  9. If it doesn’t install, go back and repeat the steps exactly as they are written.

Alternative to IPA Library :

  • ACMarket

While IPA Library offers a whole range of iOS apps, ACMarket does the opposite; it has a whole heap of Android apps. Some of these have been modified and most will not be found anywhere else but here. ACMarket gives Android users a few extra apps and iOS users a load of Android content for their devices. Click on the linked post for more information about ACMarket [ext link] and how to download it.

IPA Library is an excellent source of modified iOS apps and can be used on Android and iOS devices with the same success. Using ACMarket as well will give both platforms a taster of what the other platform can do, gradually bridging the ever-shrinking gap between the two

Have a go with IPA Library and tell us what you think of it. For more updates, you can follow us on Facebook.

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