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iOS users have long enjoyed access to premium content for free, tweaked and modified apps, things that Android users could never get because they can’t jailbreak. One of the biggest draws of jailbreaking is ++ apps, those that have been modified with extra features, like Instagram++ and Spotify++. Now though, Android users can have those modified apps because the latest iOS installer, IPA Library, has now been given support for the Android Platform.

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What is IPA Library ?

It’s like an app store but its unofficial. None of the apps in IPA Library are in the iOS app store because they are not signed by Apple and never will be. These are mostly modified apps and games, with loads of extra features that are not in the stock versions, hence the reason Apple will never accept them for official use. Now, with IPA Library we don’t need to worry about not being able to download our favorite ++ modified apps.

How to Download IPA Library APK :

Android users cannot download IPA Library from the Google Play Store because it requires the download of the APK file. This is the application package software that will allow the app to work and, although the steps look a little complicated, they really aren’t. Provided you follow them correctly, it will take just a few minutes:

  1. First, on your Android phone or tablet, open Settings > Security 
  2. Look for and tap on the box beside the Unknown Sources option to ensure it is ticked. This is the only way to ensure that IPA Library may be installed on your device 
  3. Now you can close Settings and go to your Mac or Windows computer
  4. Here, you download the IPA Library APK from official source [ http://ipalibrary.store  ] .
  5. Extract the files and then send the IPA Library APK file in an email to yourself
  6. On your Android device, open that email and download the file
  7. Find where it downloaded on your device, tap on it and wait for it to install
  8. Once it has finished, you can start to use IPA Library on your device 

If the installation doesn’t go as planned, check that you completed every step in order.

IPA Library Alternative :

IPA Library may be packed with modified iOS apps but sometimes users may want something a little different. With ACMarket, you get an app installer full of modified Android apps, many of which are unique to this installer. Have a look at the linked post, find out more about ACMarket [ext link] and how you can download it.

IPA Library is a fantastic way of getting modified iOS apps on your device and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It offers so much more than the stock platforms and, together with ACMarket you get the best of both worlds

Download IPA Library and tell us who you get on with using it and follow us on Facebook for all the latest app updates.

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