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At one time, we could jailbreak pretty much any version of the iOS that Apple released but since they released iOS 10, it’s all come to a sudden stop. Whether that is down to Apple beefing up the security, the number of updates they have released patching the exploits, a lack of willing jailbreak developers or a combination is anyone’s guess but, right now, very few iOS users can download Cydia [ext link] and that means they have lost access to useful apps like iFile. Luckily, we do have another way to get iFile [ext link] and we’ll tell you about that later. First, read on to find out more about iFile and what it offers.

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What is iFile ?

iFile is an incredibly popular file manager that allows you to access all your iOS device files and customize them how you want them. Think of it as being like Finder on OSX or Explorer on Windows, and advanced tool that gives you access Apple would never dream of allowing.

iFile Features :

iFile has many useful features, letting you work your way through your files and seeing several different types of file, such as:

  • Movies
  • Images
  • Sound
  • Web archive
  • HTML
  • Microsoft files
  • Text
  • Apple iWork
  • PDF
  • Compressed formats

You can also carry out actions on your multimedia and software files:

  • Move your files 
  • Rename your files
  • Copy and paste
  • Edit configuration files, property lists, and text lists
  • Install .deb packages easily
  • Packing and unpacking compressed file formats
  • Import files to your iPod library

iFile can also be used for moving files to and from your iOS device in these ways:

  • Make use of the web server built into iFile to upload and download files using a browser or a network drive
  • Manage FTP and Dropbox files
  • Download your files using a Toshiba FlashAir card
  • Add files as email attachments
  • Mount .dmg files
  • Send your files to another device with iFile on it using Bluetooth

iFile also has full integration with:

  • Safari Download Manager
  • Attachment Saver
  • Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing

How to Download iFile :

Although you will not get iFile in the iOS app store, you can still download it easily.

  1. First, you need to download an app installer called IPA Library and you can find full details at the link here Download IPA Library 
  2. Once you download IPA Library, simply open it and download iFile app from the list  of apps

iFile is one of the most useful tools you will ever have at your disposal, offering you features that you simply won’t get anywhere else, least of all from Apple. Its free to download so give it a go today and see how you get on. Follow us on Facebook for more updates and all the latest news.

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